The Word from the organizer

"The Word from the organizer"

Dear Spectators,

Welcome to the 26th International Street Art Festival, yet another encounter with open-air theatre, the only chance in Warsaw to get to know this phenomenon in such a mass form.

Two weekends of meetings with Polish and European artists await you. We will visit different places in Warsaw with our spectacles. We will be in Rynek Nowego Miasta, Park Agrykola, Plac Defilad, Park Szczęśliwicki and a square near Słodowiec Metro Station.

We will get acquainted with various achievements of street art and will learn about its new trends. We will see spectacles representing different genres of performing arts, and admire the outstanding technique of the performers.

The best Polish street theatre companies are among our guests. Some of them prefer classical approach, while others use modern forms and content.

This year we will see Teatr 8 Dnia from Poznań with the most recent production – The Chidren of (R)evolution? directed by Jecek Chmaj. Teatr KTO will present the spectacle The Fragrance of Time. Opus 2 directed by Jerzy Zoń. Warsaw will be represented by two theatre groups. Teatr AKT will perform twice – they will show us Kalos Kaghatos directed by Marek Kowalski, and will lead us in The Travellers street parade. Teatr Pantomimy Mimo will present the most recent production At the Silent Movies directed by Bartłomiej Ostapczuk. Klinika Lalek wandering theatre will show us The Circus without Animals directed by Wiktor Wiktorczyk.

One of the foreign companies that have accepted our invitation is Bash Street Theatre from England, who have come with their spectacle Bellevue Hotel directed by Bec Appleby. From the Netherlands Le Cirque du Platzak will come with the performance of Kermiz directed by Adrian Schvarzstein. From Ukraine the Lvov Academic Theatre Voskresinnia will bring The Seagull directed by Jaroslav Fedoryshyn.

We hope that all the performances you will see will be an unforgettable artistic experience.

Yours sincerely,
Dariusz Jarosiński

P.S. I dedicate the Festival to my city.

The Street Art Festival is co-funded by a three-year grant covering the years 2017-2020 by the capital city of Warsaw and by a three-year grant 2018-2020 by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.




Otwarte Warsztaty Sztuki Cyrkowej

W trakcie tegorocznego Festiwalu Sztuka Ulicy w Parku Szczęśliwickim na widzów czekać będzie wyjątkowa atrakcja - OTWARTE WARSZTATY SZTUKI CYRKOWEJ. Zapraszamy do namiotu cyrkowego w sobotę i niedzielę rodzin z dziećmi, młodzież, dorosłych!
Każdy będzie mógł spróbować: żonglerki, diabolo, chodzenia po linie i na szczudła oraz innych sztuk cyrkowych.
Warsztaty prowadzić będą doświadczeni instruktorzy, którzy chętnie podzielą się swoja pasją, wiedzą i umiejętnościami.

4 i 5 VII - sobota i niedziela, godz. 12.00-16.00
Park Szczęśliwice | Wstęp wolny


Circus Art Masterclasses

23rd International Street Art. Festival

Scena 96 Association togather with Ochota Arts Centre organise together the 23rd International Street Art Festival that will take place on 28 June and 3-5 July. The Festival is an international artistic event that has been carried out in Warsaw public urban space since 1993.
The organisers of the Festival would like to invite you to co-create this event of circus artists who come from all over Poland! As part of the Festival we will have the Open Circus Stage and Circus Art Masterclasses – please read about our offer!

If you would like to perfect your skills, work on the artistic aspects of your shows, get to know masters in your domain, explore the secrets of a chosen circus art, we would like to invite you to CIRCUS ART MASTERCLASSES organised as a part of the 23rd Street Art Festival!

We offer individual/group juggling masterclasses and diabolo masterclasses. Each masterclass will be held on 4 and 5 July 2015 and will last 2  hour a day. If you would like to take part in these workshops please send your application with a CV containing a description of your skills till 28 June. The number of places is limited. We will answer all questions individually and the persons qualified for the masterclasses will be informed by email.

IMPORTANT! Masterclasses are not free!

Time and venue: 4 and 5 July 2015, Park Szczęśliwice, Warsaw
Participation requirements: send your CV with a description of your skills
Application deadline: 28 June 2015  -  number of places limited!
Handling fee: 100 PLN (paid by money transfer after your participation has been confirmed)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., website also: FB Festiwal Sztuka Ulicy.

Workshops leaders:

Łukasz Witkowski – juggler and animator with over 10 years of circus art  experience, performed all ver Europe, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The artist gratuated from a course in pantomime and acrobatics at the Circus School in Barcelona. He has participated in juggling conventions and festivals in Munich, Barcelona, Karlsruhe, Carvin and Prague. Łukasz Witkowski is a co-founder of Kejos Theater Association and the first theatre and circus festival in Poland: Central Europe Theatre – Circus Encounters.

Luis Hernandez -  has been practicing diabolo for 9 years. At the same time the artist has been doing juggling and sharing his experience at classes and workshops held both in Poland (Slot Art Festival 2014) and abroad (EJC Circo Fiestas). As an experiences outstanding artist he has performed in Poland (Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów, gala Zelka Festiwal, Cabaret Sztuk-Mistrzów) and abroad (EJC).


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