Circus BUNK® (Belgium)

"Poly" Circus BUNK®  |  photo: © Katja Pire "Poly" Circus BUNK® | photo: © Katja Pire

Circus BUNK® (Belgium)


July 7, at 5:00 pm. and at 8:00 pm., Rynek Nowego Miasta


Circus BUNK® was founded in 2017 by two Belgian artists: Geert Vermeulen and Joppe Bestevaar. Geert Vermeulen belonged to De Nieuwe Snaar, a Flemish folk group and cabaret, known for its light humorous songs. The group was founded in 1982 as a trio and from 2000 it has been a quartet. During its 30 years of existence, the band recorded many radio hits, and in addition it was known for their flamboyant live shows with acrobatics and clown acts. Joppe Bestevaar studied the saxophone at the Lemmensinstituut (LUCA) Belgian music conservatory and played in many prestigious jazz groups (including Black Mango, Rebirth :: Collective) and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra as a guest musician.

The artists of Circus BUNK® were inspired by an old merry-go-round which they decided to revive and thus the spectacle Poly was born. In the summer of 2017 the company began their tour of Belgian festivals, including Gentse Feesten in Ghent, Festival Dranouter in West Flanders, or Cirk! in the city of Aalst in East Flanders. In 2018, the artists continued the tour and went to the Netherlands to perform Poly at the Onderstroom Festival in Vlissingen. And in this way, "unintentionally", a magical circus theatre for the whole family was created – a street theatre, which is a mix of circus and live music.

Poly – a kind of theatre and circus installation, a concert, and a market fair spectacle, in which the main character is an old carousel that had been thrown away to rust in an old warehouse. The battered, damaged and unnecessary piece of trash is subjected to thorough revitalization and thanks to the duo of "magicians-musicians" turns into a cheerful music box in its full glory, a perfect attraction for viewers of family street festivals.

From company materials:

„The merry-go-round... the times when it used to entertain hundreds of people are a thing of the past. Now we have better things, modern, more trendy, sophisticated, faster, and computer controlled. Old merry-go-rounds have disappeared, ended up at the bottom of the sea, in the darkest corners of industrial warehouses, with the final destination for scrap metal. But what a surprise! This one is rebuilt from nut to bolt. A colossus, a block of steel that fascinates and intrigues. Majestic, moving. Impressive as never before. Battered, but fully ready to go for it, devotedly. A soul surrounded by love gets a second life. Not to be missed!”

Concept: GeertVermeulen
Coaching: JonasVermeulen, BirgitKersbergen
Set design: GeertVermeulen, Peter Wilms
Technical support: Erik Minnen, SebastiaanWillem

Performance: JoppeBestevaar, GeertVermeulen.


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