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Those Wonderful Movie Cranks

July 6, at 4.30 pm., 5.30 pm., 6.30 pm., 8.00 pm.,
July 7, at 4.30 pm., 5.30 pm., 6.30 pm., 8.30 pm.,
Rynek Nowego Miasta


Walny-Teatr was established in 1999 (although since 1995 it had been known by other names, such as Wielki Teatrzyk Świata or Teatr Bezradny) on the initiative of Adam Walny, one of the most recognized puppet theatre artists in Poland. It is an original theatre of a soloist puppeteer, who is the creator of the script, the constructor and builder of the puppets, and the performer. Walny-Teatr explores various traditions of a puppet, mask and object in the studio, stage and street conditions. He uses the puppet also outside the stage: in education, therapy and performance art. Adam Walny is the creator of such spectacles as Juggler and Death, A Butterfly, Genesis, A Stonemason, The Mystery of Birth, The Grandfather, Hamlet, Opus Hamlet, Shakespeare - Made in Poland or The Adventures of a Drop of Water, with which he has participated in the most important puppetry art festivals in Poland and abroad (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany).

Adam Walny – a puppeteer, set designer, director, theatre educator. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts High School in Supraśl and the Theatre Academy in Warsaw at the Puppet Theatre Directing Department. He’s the winner of several dozen awards at theatre festivals in Poland and abroad, including the first prize at the 6th International Puppet Soloists' Festival in Łódź for the performance The Mystery of Birth and the Honorary Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage "Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej" presented at the International Puppetry Art Festival in Bielsko-Biała. In 2013, he received the Golden Plaque of the Association of Polish Stage Artists, awarded as "the expression of the highest recognition for talent and artistic achievements in the field of theatre education activities". He received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage four times. Since 2006, he has organized the Festival of Fools at Staromiejski Dom Kultury in Warsaw. In 2009, he prepared an adaptation of The Adventures of Münchausen by Gottfried August Bürger and directed The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen at Teatr Nowy in Łódź. The spectacle proved to be extremely successful. In 2012, he inaugurated a stage in the Kronborg castle in Denmark with the spectacle Opus Hamlet. He founded the Puppetry Art Institute at his own theatre and the Studio of the Object Theatre at Staromiejski Dom Kultury in Warsaw. He is the author of educational programs (Puppet Lessons) and therapeutic programs (A Puppet with a Soul). He conducts various kinds of workshops for children and adults. He was a therapist at open-air events for the disabled artists organized by the NIKE Association. He cooperated with the Association of the Disabled Artists, the Association of Families and Friends of People with Mental Disabilities - Chata z Pomysłami, Theatre Education Centre in Gdańsk, Musical Theatre in Gdynia, Bialystok Puppet Theatre, and Experimental Dance Studio EST in Krakow. In 2011 he carried out an educational programme Existence in a Hand, financed by the Ministry of National Education. In 2007 he published the book The Theatre of the Object. Behind the Scenes. Arcana of the Craftsmanship, and in 2012 he published the album Walny-Teatr.

The spectacle Those Wonderful Movie Cranks refers to the title of Jiří Menzel's film about the beginnings of traveling cinematography. Adam Walny uses his own technique of manual cinema, and the performance takes place in a trailer transformed into theatre space. However, neither the content of the performance based on the cycle of poetry by Andrzej Waligórski The Knight Errant nor the technology of manual cinema (shadow theatre) has anything to do with the film of the famous Czech director. The performance itself consists of a few etudes connected by a common hero: Zenek Dreptak, a character present in Waligórski's work in various versions (in the modern version and in the medieval costume) and perfectly revealing the vices and problems that are ubiquitous in our reality. The ideal of the knight errant, popularized by Miguel de Cervantes in the novel Don Quixote, gains a local Polish character and is subjected to a satirical treatment - in a brilliant, sarcastic and extremely witty way he portrays all the shortcomings of the Polish character. Zenek Dreptak created by Waligórski and Walny is a sentimental chancer, a dreamer who appears at any time and place and against the iron logic of the laws of history and physics, indicates with his actions a different logic than the one that moves the mills of history.
The spectacle of Those Wonderful Movie Cranks is a premiere performance and the inauguration of a new stage, the theatre in a trailer. Adam Walny directed the play and performs in it, he is also the originator of the idea of the theatre in the trailer and the creator of the manual cinema technology.



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