Mr Pejo’s Wandering Dolls (Russia)

Moonsters | Wędrujące Lalki Pana Pezo Moonsters | Wędrujące Lalki Pana Pezo

Mr Pejo’s Wandering Dolls (Russia)


July 6, at 9:00 pm., Centrum Praskie Koneser


Mr Pejo’s Wandering Dolls – a theatre whose roots go back to the great traditions of the European carnival, a theatre of masks, grotesque and buffoonery. Founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, it looks for inspiration in baroque dances, historical martial arts, medieval miniatures and basically in everything that is magical, lively and original. During the interactive performances of the company, everyone has a chance to become a King, a Knight, a Monster or simply an interested viewer.

Russian artists enchant us with their mysterious stories, and their hallmark costumes and masks that are created in the theatre studios. The artistic value of these world famous costumes and masks was highly appreciated at exhibitions at the National Gallery, the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg, at the Chaplin Club in Vilnius, at the exhibition during the FETA festival in Gdańsk and on many other occasions. The company is famous for the excellent acting technique, and their original unique aesthetics. Thanks to the enormous sense of humour and the distinguished audiences they acted for, Mr Pejo’s artists earned the name of "presidential buffoons". The theatre performed for Tony Blair, George Bush, the Princess of Kent or the Prime Minister of Japan. For 26 years, they have appeared at over 200 international festivals in Europe and in Asia, including Russia, Lithuania, France, Spain, Slovenia and Italy, as well as the United Arab Emirates. The team leader is Anna Shishkina – the director of all theatre performances.

Moonsters - a poetic journey to the land of dreams, full of references to childhood, when thanks to fantasy and unrestrained imagination, everything was possible. A lyrical spectacle, in which dreams become an infinite space for fantastic, fairy-tale fun.
Mysterious figures appear in the square, they walk slowly, searching for the falling stars and looking at the city and its inhabitants. With their appearance and behaviour, they evoke the image of the lunar landscape, ruled by completely different laws than those here on Earth. Five peculiar Moonsters – actors in masks and phenomenal costumes – operate in accordance with the "order of the Moon" and use their "moon" power to engage the audience in their spectacle. The viewers are invited to sleep together, and so they move into a world full of magic, into a world full of miracles and beautiful illusions. "Do you remember the time when the whole Wonderland could fit under the covers, and the dream was a place of games, plays and revelations?", the creators of this captivating spectacle seem to ask their audience.
The performance is intended for everyone and will be attractive to both the youngest and the oldest audience. It does not contain any text and therefore does not require translation.

Artistic director: Anna Shishkina
Script and direction: Stephane Clement
Set design: Anna Shishkina, Oleg Skotnikov

Performers: Oleg Skotnikov, Evfrosiniia Skotnikova, Tamara Karpova, Mariam Akhmad, Daniil Vetoshkin.


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