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OnTheRoad | Cirkus trochu jinak (Czech Republic) OnTheRoad | Cirkus trochu jinak (Czech Republic)

Cirkus trochu jinak (Czech Republic)


July 6, at 6:00 pm. and 8:30 pm., Rynek Nowego Miasta


Cirkus trochu jinak – CTJ, the Slightly Different Circus. This creative artistic company has been producing original entertainment projects in the areas of the new circus and street theatre since 2006. The company focuses on the genre of the new circus, a new trend that was born in the second half of the last century, mainly in France, the USA and Australia, on the wave of popularity of happenings and performance art and was a response to the traditional circus crisis.

CTJ artists are trying to popularize this little known field in the Czech Republic and they do it with great success. First of all, they organize or co-organize international and national festivals (including the International Festival of New Circus and Street Theatre in Ostrava), present circus performances in the streets and create original, innovative projects for families with children. The group is also involved in educational and social activities – it conducts seminars, courses and workshops devoted to circus disciplines such as juggling, air acrobatics, tight rope, cyrwheel (acrobatics in the circle), acrobatics, balance and handstands, etc., promoting the use of circus in the social field (the so-called social circus). The founder of the circus, Václav Pokorný, a promoter and teacher, teaches the techniques of a new circus at the local Art Conservatory in Ostrava. In recent years, the band has performed at festivals: Cirkul'art: International New Circus Festival in Bratislava, Festival Ladná Čeladná in Czeladna in the Czech Republic, Mirror of Art Festival in Czech Pardubice or at a fairy tale festival in the heart of Bohemian Paradise in Jičín. In 2019 the band received the prestigious audience award at the Milano Clown Festival in Italy for the OnTheRoad performance. Cirkus little jinak cooperates with professional theatres – for example in the production of The Falling Angels ballet by Jiří Kylián at the National Moravian - Silesian Theatre or the show Love with a Red Nose by Václav Klemens at the Puppet Theatre Ostrava.

OnTheRoad – a romantic journey through the fascinating world of the new circus and street art. The artists invite spectators to a journey in which their guide is a young Acrobetka, adored by two companions – acrobats fighting for her favours. "Along the way, you'll see breathtaking artistic evolutions, tightrope walkers on a special mobile structure, acrobatics performed in the circle - you probably want more ... And you will get more, much more", declare the artists who created the show. Acrobatics that deny gravity, juggling, mime shows, dance on a tightrope, bravura riding on a scooter / motorcycle – these are just some of the elements of the spectacle. The performance premiered at the Festival of Puppet Theatres in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in September 2018. It is intended for the international audience - everyone will understand it, regardless of their nationality and age.

Script and direction: Václav Pokorný and Pavel Gejguš

Performers: Alžběta Moravcová, Marek Prachař, Lukáš Bezděk.


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