Theater des Lachens (Germany)

La Luna - podróż na Księżyc  |  La Luna - podróż na Księżyc |

Theater des Lachens (Germany)

La Luna

29 and 30 June, at 10:00 pm., Park Szczęśliwicki


Theater des Lachens – the Theatre of Laugher is a puppet and object theatre, a theatre of form.

The company's history began in 1975, when the State Puppet Theatre in Frakfurt on the Oder was founded. In 1992 the theatre was taken over by a group of actors – enthusiasts and employees who established the Association of the Small Theatre of the Puppet and the Actor. Their artistic director Astrid Griesbach developed a unique and characteristic style of the theatre, and their most famous spectacle Danton's Death gained recognition and popularity not only in their own city.

Since 1995, as the only professional puppet theatre in Brandenburg, the company changed its headquarters, where, under the new name - Theater des Lachens – it functions until today. As the name suggests, the main objective of the artists is to provoke laughter, which knows no limits, borders, or hierarchies, transcends gender, age and faith. Free and relaxing laughter is unlimited – just as theatre’s protagonists do not know boundaries in their search of truth, goodness, beauty and their place in the world. The Theater des Lachens creates a magical theatre in which puppets come to life to move and entertain the viewer. The group has performed at many national and international festivals where it received numerous awards (including two Grand Prix awards at the International Suitcase Festival in Łomża, an award for Frank Soehnle for exceptional aesthetics and form during the Subotica International Children's Theatre Festival in Serbia, the audience award at Privattheatertagen in Hamburg or Grand Prix during the International Festival of Encounters in Toruń).

The theatre operates on the border with Poland (Słubice – Frankfurt  "bi-city" – Słubfurt), which allows for a natural implementation of joint projects with Polish companies and artists. The performance of La Luna - a Trip to the Moon was born from a cooperation with the Poznań Animation Theatre and Das Weite Theater from Berlin.

The open-air spectacle La Luna - a Trip to the Moon was created as a tribute to the era of the silent cinema and its outstanding artist - George Mélies. Illusion, cabaret, lack of gravity and captivating music make it possible to draw the spectators into a poetic adventure – almost without using a language, thanks to large puppets and silent protagonists of the film, the show takes us into the black and white reality. The actors from the silent movie jump from the screen and enter the world of the audience. They move beyond their time, space and dimension to discover a new world, our world – the world of the viewer. Full of longing, fantasy and thirsty of discovery, they embark on a journey to bring us more magic. Their goal is the Moon. But what awaits them in Space? Behind a shimmering, glowing surface lies the mysterious, dark side of the Moon. Nothing is exactly the way it seems to be...

From company materials:

„There were two inspirations for the spectacle. The first one was the Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino, a novel in which the Moon approached the Earth close enough so that a ladder was enough for people to discover its secrets. The second impulse for the show was the animated short film by Pixar called La Luna (inspired by Calvino’s novel and the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) about the grandfather, father and son who have been responsible for three generations for keeping the Moon tidy."

Director: Alexei Leliavski
Set design: Judith Mähler
Costumes: Anke Lenz
Music: Piotr Klimek

Cast: Torsten Gesser, Arkadiusz Porada, Björn Langhans, Martin Karl, Clara Fritsche, Sylwia Zajkowska, Martha Berthold.



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